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X-Vision Optics Hands Free Deluxe Digital Night Vision Binoculars

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There's no need to slow down at sundown with our XANB50 Hands-Free Night Vision Deluxe Binoculars. The electronic view finder uses 2x digital zoom to offer 400 yards of daytime observation and 200 yards in total darkness. The F1.4 aperture and IR LED enable you to capture photos and videos of the action for sharing later. The performance, dependability, and versatility of the XANB50's will outrank others like it. Package comes with a padded neck strap, micro USB cable, and head piece accessories.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DISTANCE RANGE. See as far as 200 yards (183 m) in complete darkness or up to 400 yards (366 m) during the day. Equipped with 3 levels of screen brightness and 4 levels of IR brightness.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Dust and water resistant to an International Protection Rating of IP52. Weighs 0.74 pounds (0.34 kg) for optimal comfort. This X-Vision Optics Deluxe Night Vision Binocular is perfect for any harsh environment with its rubber exterior that is durable and built to last. Package comes with a padded neck strap, micro USB cable, and head piece accessories.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR BOTH DAY AND NIGHT USE. Battery life consists of long continuous use with 8 hours of performance during the daytime or 5 hours of performance during the nighttime. This X-Vision binocular operates with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • REMEMBER THE ADVENTURE WITH PHOTO AND VIDEO CAPABILITY. Take your goggles into the dark of night and clearly capture objects in total darkness on a large viewing screen. Zoom in at multiple levels: from 3X, 4.5X, and 6X. This night vision goggle can record video and take pictures so you can show off any adventure to your friends and family.
  • EASY TO USE FOR BOTH BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS. Its ability to automatically transition from day vision to night vision means no hassle with a lens cap. 4 easy operating buttons for straightforward operation. The focus wheel on the bottom of the night vision binoculars adjusts the view so you can manually focus on any animal or object around you. Can comfortably view with both eyes, including the use of glasses.
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