Banded RedZone 2.0 Breathable Insulated Wader - 700905400324

Banded RedZone 2.0 Breathable Insulated Wader

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    Years of hunting experiemce coupled with first-to-market product innovation led us to raise the standard is breathable hunting waders. We forever chaged the game with the launch of our line of RedZone™ Breathable Waders in 2012. Heralded for superior comfort and trusted for all-conditions performance. Now, through our relentless pursuit of perfection, we've riased the bar even higher. rom RedZone™ to RedZone™ 2.0 we've made the best wader even better. More comfort,more performance, more feature-packed details and more durable than ever. The RedZone™line of waders are the most technoloically advanced waders in waterfowl. And, it's not close.Featuring the latest in cutting-edge fabric and seam technologies and improvements from top-to-bottom. You're in for the best wading experience of your life.


    • RZ-CLINCHFIT STRAP SYSTEM with over the boot, removable protective pant connects with an easy to use built in system, eliminating stitching, to provide long-lasting durability.
    • Reconfigured anatomical seam mapping mirrors body movement,dramatically reducting seam fatigue.
    • GO-FLATSEAM assemly wiht single stitch design provides an ultra-smooth, lay-flat surface to securely seat waterproof taping,while reducing the total seam stitch-count by over 50%.
    • RZ-TRACTION Boot is anatomically molded to match foot movement wiht a unique deep-fluted traction pattern that grips,flexes, and responds for maximum traction and stability.
    • GO3-LAYER fabric construction is lightweight and provides superior durability and performance.
    • SHEDS Waterproof Breathable Technology
    • HARS Insulation Technology
    • 1600 gram Thinsulate Insulated Boot
    • Mobility-enhancing articulated knee design allows maximum range of motion
    • Fleece-lined hand-warmer chest pocket
    • Internal flip-up device pocket allows touch screen while enclosed
    • Six easy grab shell loops on chest perfectly angled for natural arm rotation
    • Adjustable suspenders and belt for adaptability
    • Uninsulated Wader Comfort Rating: 32 F to 70 F Degrees
    • Insulated Wader Comfort Rating: -10 F to 50 F Degrees
    • New 2-year warranty on all RedZone 2.0 Waders


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