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Natural Gear Stealth Hunter Rain Pant

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    Closeout Rain Pant. Elastic waist, zippered pockets. While supplies Last

    8 scientific reasons why Natural Gear is smater...

    1. Natural Gear obeys the laws of gravity with a vertical configuration
    2. Natural Gear doesn't put shadows where they don't belong
    3. Natural Gear blends in any environment; so it is not situation-specific
    4. Natural Gear takes advantage of the "blur effect" with soft edges
    5. Natural Gear is a non-manipulated photographic image of nature
    6. Natural Gear os "open", so it doesn't go dark from a distance
    7. Natural Gear has a base color with the correct tonal value
    8. Natural Gear has no interest in making a fashion statement

    In a world where nearly every camo pattern is "situation specific," NaturalGear Natural reigns as the most versatile concealment tool out there! Just like a deer's natural "open" camouflage, NaturalGear Natural disappears in virtually any setting. So whether you're in corn stubble, prairie grass, cattails, rocks or woods, you can count on NaturalGear Natural to help you disappear.


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