Lumenok Gold Tip Orange Cresent Bolt 3pk - 850722000273

Lumenok Gold Tip Orange Cresent Bolt 3pk

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    The Lumenok lighted crossbow bolt end offers the crossbow user the ability to see shot placement like never before. The Ultra bright LED technology used in this Lumenok bolt end offers unmatched visibility by other brands. Add a new dimension to your next crossbow hunt, and take your bolt home with you.


    • The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition & arrow retrieval.
    • Now equipped with a easily replaceable battery. Uses RB 425(Our Part# RBS)


    • All Lumen-Arrow bolts
    • Gold Tip Laser II and III
    • Victory X-Bolts
    • Black Eagle Accustrike, Executioner, Zombie Slayer Bolts
    • Deer Crossing Carbon bolts
    • Bloodsport
    • Barnett Headhunter ( by Bloodsport)

    Approved Models Per Manufacture

    -For use in Horton, Barnett, Darton, PSE and Bowtech crossbows and any other crossbow designed to use a crescent or moon nock.

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