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JJ Lares T-1 Duck Calls - JJL-T1

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Product Description
  • Sound volume: Whisper, Low, Medium. Seamless transition back and forth
  • High amount of Hold, lots of whiney quacks and whiney chatter
  • Great Rasp throughout the call. Not a high ringer, but a dead ringer!!
  • 1.320" reed (in call)
  • Good top-end control
  • 2x Winner in the World Championship Live Duck Calling Contest®
  • Single Reed
  • Only a minimum amount of air needed to blow this call
  • You can practically blow this call out of the corner of your mouth
  • +/- .001 of an inch manufacturing tolerances
  • Exclusive saliva ejector system will never load up or change tone because of weather or saliva build up
  • Stoppers and barrel mounted on O-ring
  • Never need tuning, trimming, or readjustment
  • No cork, never changes tones or sticks from wet or dry conditions
  • All reeds are die cut and quickly interchangeable without adjustment or cutting
  • The TIMBER T-1 is arguably the most realistic, ducky and most pure duck quacking call on the market, period.
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