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JJ Lares Mag Hen Duck Calls

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JJ Lares Championship Calls Engraved on bottom of toneboard in black
From top to bottom, this call is the complete package. It possesses the deeper, dominant hen tone from Lares models of the past, but with the range and versatility of the ever popular Hybrid. The bottom end is exceptionally smooth, with a bit more back pressure for whiny tones and clucks. When you need to hit it hard, it has extreme volume and power. This call definitely lends itself toward ultra aggressive calling styles, suitable for longer reed lengths. The Magnum Hen is incredibly comfortable in hand, and effortless to blow for long hours in the field. If you're looking to add another phenomenal tool to your calling arsenal, the Magnum Hen is for you.

  • SUPERB Hi-End, Loud, Very good rasp in the middle and bottom
  • Sound volume: Low, Medium, High. Great transitions.
  • 1.350 reed
  • Single Reed
  • +/- .001 of an inch manufacturing tolerances
  • Exclusive saliva ejector system will never load up or change tone because of weather or saliva build up
  • Stoppers and barrel mounted on O-ring
  • Never need tuning, trimming, or readjustment
  • No cork, never changes tones or sticks from wet or dry conditions
  • All reeds are die cut and quickly interchangeable without adjustment or cutting
  • MADE IN U.S.A.
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