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Higdon Full Size Foam Filled Canada Goose Floater Decoys - 4pk- 77143

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Product Description

Higdon Decoys Full Size Goose Floater is the ultimate decoy for price, portability, looks and durability! And the best part? These are some great looking Canada Goose Floaters! Subtle paint features, realistic feather detail and flocked, adjustable swivel heads combine to make these Canadas totally lifelike. Full Size decoys are true to life, based on the average size of a live bird. Add maximum impact to your spread with realism, dependability and extreme visibility from longer distances, with realistic details for finishing geese up close. Forward-weighted keel for quick and easy set-up. Keel allows short stringing decoys for shallow water. Higdon's highly detailed, proprietary UV painting process and deep realistic carving techniques highlight each individual feather and minimize unnatural glare, even when decoys are wet. Our paint won't peel or fade, so your decoys will look great season after season, whether you leave your decoys out all season or pick up after every hunt.

Product Details

  • Upright Tru-sentry: 20.875 Inches Beak to Tail, 10.25 Inches Wide; 60.80 oz;
  • Upright Rester: 20.875 Inches Beak to Tail, 10.25 Inches Wide; 59.21 oz;
  • Upright Tru-walker: 20.875 Inches Beak to Tail, 10.25 Inches Wide; 60.90 oz;
  • Upright Mid-sentry: 20.875 Inches Beak to Tail, 10.25 Inches Wide; 60.82 oz;
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