Dobyns Rods Champion Crankbait Casting Rod - 89895300222

Dobyns Rods Champion Crankbait Casting Rod

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    he Dobyns Rods Champion Series Crankbait Rods are bass fishing rods intended for use when employing crankbait techniques. The Champion crankbait rods from Dobyns Rods are a full line of reaction bait rods covering the full spectrum of crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater. Crankbait Rods necessitate certain attributes to fully realize the effectiveness of the crankin technique. Generally, crankbait rods should exhibit a parabolic bend enabling bass to fully engulf the lure and become securely hooked. Another important consideration is the length of the crankbait rod. When using deep crankbaits one of the most crucial elements is the length of the cast as it determines how long the bait will remain at its maximum depth - the longer the bait stays in the strike zone the better. Shorter rods are beneficial for tight casts that require precision presentations as is the case when using square bill crankbaits in skinny water. Dobyns Champion Crankbait rods have models from the 6'8" long to the 8' Randy McAbee cranking rod to suit any anglers needs. The Champion Crankbait Rods fall under Dobyns Rods limited lifetime warranty.

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