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Custom Jigs & Spin Demon 2pk

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Product Description

The Demon is an institution amongst ice fishermen. Some anglers never use another style, but keep a variety of sizes on hand. The Demon has a beetle-shaped body and a two-toned high gloss finish. It has a nickel spoon back on the fluorescent colors and is painted on both sides in the Glow Brite finishes.

Ice Fishing
The Demon size 10 is the most effective size for panfish. The Demon size 12 is a premier ultralight lure for ultra-finicky fish. Tipped with a single spike (maggot), the Demon 12 is a tremendous shallow water bluegill producer. The Demon size 8 is great for perch and crappie or any other fish keying in on a larger profile lure. The Demon 6 has the same size body as the size 8, but with a size 6 hook which will accept a small minnow or a lot of bugs. When fishing for small or medium sized walleyes, a small lure like the Demon size 4 is an excellent choice for Walleye and other larger aggressive fish. Remember to always balance you tackle. A Demon size 4 should be used with a whole minnow head on a medium action rod and a 4 to 6 pound test line, while a Demon size 12 should be used on a light rod with 1 to 2 pound test line.

Open Water
Demons are excellent open water choices. The GlowBrite colors are very effective in muddy or stained water and river systems. Demons in size 6 and 8 are great for panfish. Worms, small leeches, minnows and maggots can be used with great success. The light wire Mustad hooks won't damage live bait and will keep it very lively. The Demon size 4 has been used with great success for shallow water walleyes, particularly color GB7. It can be cast with light spinning tackle with a large fathead as bait. Dragging it back much as you would a plastic worm will ensure the most success.


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