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Dakota X-Series Field Blind 10' - 40400

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Dakota Decoy X-Series Field Blind
Meet the next generation of field blinds! We are proud to introduce our 10' X-Blind! So much development has gone into this blind, we don't know where to begin. The frames set up in under a minute. Once set up, the frame turns into one solid piece, making it almost bulletproof, and easy to move at given moment! The canvas is 2 independent pieces, that secure solidly to the frame, with doors on each end for easy in and out. We've incorporated a viewing screen the entire length of the blind, allowing viewing while keeping faces hidden! A built-in dog door allows the dog to be hidden inside the blind, while still being allowed to see the action. The blind also has tops that easily Velcro on where ever they are needed. Hide that black hole and keep the heat in at the same time! Transporting the blind is very easy, as it comes with a carry bag, which holds the entire blind and frame. available summer 2018.


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