Dakota Speck Full Body 6pk Mixed - 12280 - 723175896000

Dakota Speck Full Body 6pk Mixed - 12280

DAKOTA DECOY SKU 72317589600
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  • Product Description

    Dakota Decoy White Front Full Body Specklebelly Goose Decoy 6 Pack. The one-piece design has the heads molded into the body, allyou do is simply attach them to the base. Constructed to insurethey will withstand everyday abuse and all types of weather conditions. The Wind Walker motion allows smooth, natural motionthat gives the appearance of the natural walking movement oflive birds. Limiters are molded into the bodies which work in veryhigh wind conditions, without getting stuck. You can also turn thedecoy on its base, snap lock the base into the decoy body, eliminating any movement. The stretchable leg system assists withthe movement, and also allows the decoy to be moved withoutthe base falling off. The 6 pack includes 3 feeders, 2 actives and1 sentry. 25"-29" long.


  • Other Details

    Promotion: Black Friday
    Promotion: cold days
    Species: Specklebelly
    Type: Full Bodies

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