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Bee-Jay Catfish Dip Bait

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Product Description

Bee'Jay has been catching catfish since 1950 when two brothers, Rudy and Bob Zurbuchen, in North Kansas City came up with the formula still used today. Bee'-Jay is one of the oldest catfish baits on the market. There must be a reason.

Rudy Zurbuchen was a legend in the bait business. A natural fisherman, he spent countless hours with his brother concocting formulas to attract catfish. They tested them in streams and rivers. While they were living in North Kansas city, they hit on a winner. They called it Bee'-Jay. The "B" stood for Bob, and the "J" was for Junior, which is what everyone called Rudy as a boy. Rudy bought Bob out in the mid-50s and built the business.

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