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Banded Axe Blind Camo Skin

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“Axe” Blind Camo Skin

The Axe Blind Camo Skin derived from CamoSystems®, the industry’s leader in tank net and camouflage net manufacturing. After conducting years of extensive research and field testing, CamoSystems® offer the hunter products that are proven to work. For decades, militaries around the world have utilized camouflage netting, ghillie suits, and blinds to conceal themselves. We have taken these concepts and perfected them to offer first-quality products ideal for hunting environments. While offering a 3-D foliage appearance, the Axe Blind Camo Skins are lightweight, durable, compactable, and rot resistant. Each Axe Blind Camo Skin is fabricated with highest standards and materials to provide years of use. We are confident that the Axe Blind Camo Skin will deliver effective concealment that will blend with most any hunting environment. Available in timber and cattail colors in both regular and long models.

-High quality rip stop fabric

-3-D leaf-like foliage

-Lightweight, strong and durable

-Treated to eliminate shine and glare

-Increased UV treatment to maximize product life

-Waterproof material - will not become heavy and waterlogged

-Rot/mold resistant

-Pliable in extreme temperature ranges

-Compacts easily

-Attached to tough mesh for added strength

-Available in Cattail and Timber colors

- Regular and long models available

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