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Avery Snow Cover

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Avery has added tailored Snow Covers for each of our layout-style blinds just so you can disappear more easily in snow covered fields.

Constructed from 100% cotton 10 oz. canvas treated with 3M brand waterproofing and 100% cotton webbing CamoStraps, Avery Snow Covers are guaranteed not to reflect UV light on cloudy days or in low-light hunting conditions. IF YOUR SNOW COVER IS NOT MADE FROM 100% COTTON, THEN YOU ARE REFLECTING ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT IN CLOUDY CONDITIONS!

Complete with side Flagging Ports to match Finishers and Migrators, these slip-style Snow Covers are held in place by a heavy-duty elastic hem just like on your wife's favorite fitted sheets. Ample CamoStraps provide for additional stubbling that will guarantee a phenomenal hide in any depth of snow cover. A 100% cotton canvas Carry Bag is included so you can keep your Snow Cover clean when not in use.

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