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Custom Jigs & Spin 2-Spot 2pk

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Product Description

Traditional tear drop spoon design with a gold-plated hook. 2-Spots are ultra-thin yet offer a nice profile. They have a slow falling motion when lightly jigged. The 2-Spot is one of the most productive ice jig styles of all times and is a must for every ice fishermen arsenal.

Ice Fishing
2-Spots are an excellent shallow water choice, particularly sizes 12 and 10. Fish 2-Spots with a single maggot (spike) or waxworm when fishing is tough, or multiple spikes when the fish are aggressive. 2-Spot sizes 8 and 6 work deeper and can be tipped with multiple spikes (try five or six all the way up the hook shank). The 2-Spot size 6 is quite effective with small shiner minnows for crappie on a dead stick rod. Remember to change depths often as crappie can sometimes be caught right up under the ice!

Open Water
The 2-Spot size 6 is a top open water producer. Its light wire hook will accept live bait like minnows and waxworms without tearing. Drift fishing 2-Spots 18 to 24 inches behind a BB split shot is a great way to catch bluegill, perch and crappie.


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